Below are the club documents. If you believe there are others that should be added please email the Secretary at secretary@rochdalearchers.com

Click on the links to download the pdfs:

Policies & Procedures

Articles of Association

Club Rules

Coaches’ Commitments

Code of Conduct for Junior Members

Code of Conduct for Parents and Carers

Dress Code for Club Shoots

Dress Code for Junior Nights

Dress Code for Official Shooting Events

Dress Regulations for Official Shooting Events

Expenditure Approval and Expense Claim Policy

Lost Arrow Procedure

Photography and Filming Policy

Responsibilities of the Field Captain

Risk Assessment

Rules and Responsibilities for Shooting Outdoors

Rules of Etiquette and Shooting

Shooting as a Guest at RCA

Volunteers to Taster Sessions and Beginners Courses

Guides & Prompt Sheets

AroJac Instructions (Hamskea)

AroJac Procedure (RCA)


Scoresheet Guide


Accident Report

Assessment of Joining Archer

Combined Junior Consent Forms

Incident or Complaint Report

Lost Arrow Report

Range Safety Checks

Discipline & Grievance

Complaint Appeal & Termination Flowchart

Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures

Incident Response Flowchart