For the ease of management of competitions, RCA run two six month calendars:

  • Indoor         1st October - 31st March.
  • Outdoor       1st April - 30th September.

Although the above dates are for the RCA competitions, members can shoot both indoors and outdoors all year round.

Archery GB publicise the indoor and outdoor seasons as:

  • Indoor         1st July - 30th June.
  • Outdoor       1st January - 31st December.


Solo Shooting

Indoors solo shooting at RCA is permitted but you are advised to inform someone where you are in case of emergency.

Outdoors solo shooting is not permitted. Although the outdoor field is private land, it is accessible by the public. There must always be two adults present with one an adult acting as lookout:

a) two senior archers, or

b) one senior archer and one adult non-archer, or

c) one senior archer, one junior archer and one senior non-archer (parent or carer).