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RCA Outdoor Calendar 2023

Updated 13 April


All RCA Club outdoor shoots are on Sundays.

Archers may shoot shorter distances.

Set up is 9:00am or 1:00pm, please help set up.

Please help clear the field after the shoot, don’t just leave.

Lancashire shoots are also shown in blue.


Next club shoot


April 16th - 1:00pm

Reg Newall

University of Huddersfield AC v RCA

American (7.5 doz)

Please add you name to the list in the range or email


April 18th - 7:00pm



April 30th 8:30am or 12:30pm

Eccles AC

Novice Shoot  ENTRY

Warwicks (4 doz)


May 7th

No shoots at RCA - rugby club use carpark all weekend for coronation celebrations


May 7th


3 Counties Match - Lancs v Cheshire v Warwickshire

Double 720 (2x 6 doz)


May 14th

Assheton Bowmen

9th Novice Shoot  ENTRY

Nationals (6 doz)


May 14th - 1:00pm

Novice Shoot part 1

St Nicholas (7 doz)


The RCA Novice shoot is in two parts where the scores from both shoots will be added to determine the winner, the shoot is open to all members but only members that have been shooting for less than 2 years will be eligible for the trophy


May 20th Saturday


WRS WA50m Compound ENTRY & Barebow ENTRY

Double 720 (2x 6 doz)


May 21st Sunday


WRS WA70m & WA60m All Bow Types ENTRY 

Double 720 (2x 6 doz)


May 21st - 1:00pm

Novice Shoot part 2

St Nicholas (7 doz)


May 28th

Wigan & Orrell Archers

Double 1-Way Clout UKRS & Tassel Award ENTRY


June 4th - 1:00pm

North Cheshire Bowmen v RCA

Friendly at home

Albion/Windsor (9 doz)


June 10th Saturday


LAA Junior Championship  ENTRY

York & Bristols (12 doz)


June 11th Sunday


LAA Championships  ENTRY

York, Hereford, Bristol II (12 doz), National (6 doz)


June 25th - 9:00am

All day shoot confirmed by Roger with rugby club


WA1440 (90m/70m) (12 doz)


9:00am - Long Metric (6 doz)


1:00pm - Short Metric (6 doz)


July 2nd - 1:00pm

President’s Shoot

National (6 doz)


July 16th - 9:00am

All day shoot confirmed by Roger with rugby club


York/Hereford (12 doz)


1:00pm - National (6 doz)


July 23rd - 1:00pm

Margaret's Tea Shoot

Afternoon shoot decided by Margaret


July 23rd 


LAA Clout Champs UKRS & Tassel   INFO   ENTRY


July 30th - 9:00am

All day shoot confirmed by Roger with rugby club


York/Hereford (12 doz)


1:00pm - National (6 doz)


August 13th - 1:00pm

Blackpool Bowmen v RCA

Friendly away

American (7.5 doz)


August 13th

Wigan & Orrell Archers

WA 50m 720 & H2H Novice Competition


August 27th

No shoots - rugby club beer festival all weekend


September 3rd - 1:00pm


National (6 doz)


September 10th

Bowmen of Pendle & Samlesbury (P&S)



September 17th

Assheton Bowmen

8th Annual York/Hereford - Record Status and Rose Award


September 24th & 25th


Archery GB National County Teams Championships WA720s + H2Hs


October 30th


Junior Inter-Counties hosted by DNAA



November 1st


Inter-Counties hosted by DNAA